Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Dan Thompson Funding

Last updated: 9/10/2021

Please check back regularly for new questions and answers. If you have a question that you would like to be added to this page, please contact Jeremy Norden-Paul: or 360-586-3558

Is there a word or page limit on the funding application? No, there is not a word or page limit. Applicants are encouraged to provide all requested information while also being as brief as possible.

Will there be a limit on how much is spent in each priority area? No, there is not a limit on how much funding can be spent under each priority area.

What are the evaluation standards/criteria? How will the committee make decisions? There is an application review workgroup, which includes community members who do not have conflicts of interest. For example, they do not work for organizations that are applying for funding. The workgroup will review the applications and make recommendations based on the requirements and other criteria listed in the application. After the workgroup makes recommendations, they will be reviewed and approved by the Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC) before being sent to DDA to make the final decisions.

What are the roles and responsibilities for making funding decisions? Who makes the final decision? The application review group will make recommendations and send them to the Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC) to review and approve before sending to DDA to make the final decisions. You can read more about the process in this interlocal agreement. 

Who can be part of the application review panel? Members of the review panel have been nominated by other community members and do not have conflicts of interest with the funding. If you or someone you know may be interested in being part of the application review process, please contact Jeremy Norden-Paul for more information: or 360-586-3558.

Is there a preference for smaller proposals or larger ones? No, the size or amount of a proposal is not a factor in deciding which projects to fund. However, the total of all funded projects cannot be more than the amount that is available in the account.

Is a large organization favored over a small organization? No, the size of the organization is not a factor in deciding which projects to fund.

Will there be equal funding distribution across the state? Efforts will be made to ensure that funding is distributed equitably in different communities across the state.

How will updates be shared with committee members and others in the community? (e.g. which proposals were funded, how much, etc.) Updates will be shared at each Dan Thompson Advisory Committee meeting and posted on the Dan Thompson Advisory Committee webpage afterward. Community members can also feel free to contact Jeremy Norden-Paul with questions: or 360-586-3558.

Can a proposal (statement of work) be changed after it is submitted? If there is a significant change or correction to be made after an application has been submitted, please contact Jeremy Norden-Paul as soon as possible: or 360-586-3558. 

Can similar projects be funded if two organizations propose similar ideas? Yes, it is possible to fund similar proposals from different organizations.

Is there an opportunity to negotiate or adjust the amount funded for an application? If a proposal is selected and the amount funded needs to be adjusted, the organization will be contacted to discuss further.

If funds have to be spent by June 2023, does that means the project needs to be totally completed by then? The portion of the project that is being funded needs to be totally completed by June 2023.

If all of the funding is not disbursed after the first round, will it open again? Yes, if all of the funding is not distributed after the first round, it is possible to open the application process again. 

Is there support for organizations that need help with the application? Yes, please contact Jeremy Norden-Paul with any questions or support needs: or 360-586-3558

Can projects expand or supplement an existing programs, or do they have to be totally new? Projects do not have to be totally new. They can expand or supplement existing programs.

What kind of budget needs to be provided in the application? A brief budget needs to be provided in the application. The format is left to the discretion of the applicant. The budget should show how the funding will be spent to accomplish the project.




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