Open Public Comment Period for Proposed DDA Waiver Changes

From DSHS Developmental Disabilities Administration

White cut outs of a male and female and speech bubbles, set against dark blue background.The Department of Social and Health Services’ (DSHS) Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) is in the process of preparing  amendments for five waivers funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Affected waivers include:

  • Individual and Family Services
  • Basic Plus
  • Core
  • Community Protection
  • Children’s Intensive In Home Behavioral Support

Stakeholders have an opportunity to review and comment on the draft waiver amendments before being sent to CMS. The official 30-day public comment period is July 27 through August 27, 2018.

The amendments (277-469 pages) are available online. A brief summary follows:

  • DSHS and Health Care Authority intend to amend the above-mentioned waivers with an effective date of January 1, 2019.
  • The amendments propose to update a portion of the client assessment tool, ‘Supports Intensity Scale.’ The change will achieve the same result as the existing tool, with little to no impact on participants. The Supports Intensity Scale assessment was recently updated by the publisher, the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and renamed the Supports Intensity Scale – Adult (SIS-A). The SIS-A is a nationally-normed instrument used to measure the pattern and intensity of supports for individuals age 16 and older. DDA proposes to update the current assessment tool to the SIS-A for use in determining the Intermediate Care Facility/Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities level of care, identifying health and welfare needs, determining behavioral and medical acuity levels, and identifying support need acuity levels within the Comprehensive Assessment Reporting and Evaluation assessment tool.
  • The key changes in each waiver amendment are located in Appendix B-6.d, Level of Care Criteria, and B-6.f, Process for Level of Care Evaluation/Reevaluation, on the specified pages:
    • Individual and Family Services waiver amendment on page 36;
    • Basic Plus waiver amendment on pages 46-47;
    • Core waiver amendment on pages 47-48;
    • Community Protection waiver amendment on pages 46-47 and;
    • Children’s Intensive In-Home Behavioral Support waiver amendment on pages 36-37.

We believe these proposed changes will have little to no impact on current or future DDA waiver participants.

The amendments can be read in their entirety on our website. Official notices are also located in the Washington State Register and in our field services offices.

Send your comments during the comment period.

All future announcements of waiver amendments, waiver renewals and new waivers will be made using this communication system in addition to the Washington Register and flyers in DDA office lobbies.


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