Council Archive

2018 Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Reading Material

January 2018
Full Council Meeting Agenda
Full Council Proposed Minutes
Public Policy Agenda
Public Policy Proposed Minutes
Systems Advocacy Agenda
Systems Advocacy Proposed Minutes
Ind & Fam Advocacy Agenda
Ind & Fam Advocacy Proposed Minutes
Membership & Gov Agenda
Membership & Gov Proposed Minutes
Member Development

April 2018
Full Council Proposed Agenda
Governance Proposed Agenda
Membership Proposed Agenda
Public Policy Proposed Agenda
State Plan Agenda

June 2018
Conference Call Meeting Notice and Agenda

July 2018
Full Council Agenda (July 19, 2018)
Full Council Minutes (July 20, 2018)
Full Council Minutes

September 2018
Full Council Two Day Meeting Agenda
Town Hall Meeting Announcement
September Meeting Minutes

October 2018
State Plan Conference Call Agenda and Call In Numbers
Public Policy Committee Agenda and Call In Numbers
Membership Committee Agenda and Call In Numbers
October Meeting Minutes

November 2018
Governance Committee Agenda and Call In Numbers
Full Council Proposed November Meeting Agenda

December 2018
Membership Committee Agenda and Call In Numbers
Membership  Job Description
Membership BPWP
Attendance Policy
Governance Committee Agenda and Call In Numbers

2017 Meeting Minutes and Agendas

October 2017
Membership & Governance Minutes
Individual & Family Advocacy Minutes
Public Policy Minutes
Systems Advocacy Minutes
Staff Activities (Oct-Dec 2017)

July 19, 2017
Public Policy Proposed Meeting Minutes
DD Systems Advocacy Meeting Minutes
IFA Draft Workgroup Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2017
IFA Committee Agenda
Membership & Governance Committee Agenda
Public Policy Committee Agenda
Systems Advocacy Workgroup Agenda

October 13, 2017
Full Meeting Proposed Agenda


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