Addressing Housing and Support Needs In King and Pierce Counties

by Ed Holen
Executive Director

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We are happy to announce that we have obtained funding for our Supported Housing and Planning Consultant project to find housing for individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities in King and Pierce Counties, especially those living at home with older parents and those homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Our partner in this effort is The Arc Washington, with funding from Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Roads to Community Living.  The funding will flow from the DDA through their sub-contractor to The Arc and we will subcontract project activities from there.

If successful we hope to expanding it from this area to other parts of the state, especially as housing becomes very tight in other market places.

About the Project

Goal: Provide consultation and planning in the housing needs of families with older sons and daughters with I/DD and adults with I/DD at risk of becoming homeless or are homeless to assure they are able to live meaningful lives.

Focus Areas:  King and Pierce Counties


Obtain technical assistance from the Arc of Minnesota and their Housing Access Services program.

Hire a supported housing consultant to:

  1. Map housing resources in identified local communities.
  2. Assist individuals with I/DD and their families/advocates to engage is housing planning.
  3. Implement strategies with individuals to obtain housing and prepare them to transition to housing, including direct and collateral services, such as:
    • Screening and housing assessment.
    • Assisting with eligibility determination, housing& subsidy applications, housing searches and move-in.
  4. Provide services to maintain tenancy once housing is secured, such as:
    • Early intervention for behaviors that might jeopardize housing.
    • Coaching on relationship-building with landlords, property managers, and neighbors, and assisting in dispute resolution.
    • Linking with community resources to prevent eviction.
    • Assisting with housing and subsidy re-certification process.
    • On-going training and support in household management.
    • If appropriate, coordination of personal care services and waiver services.

Develop a supported housing planning app and introduce it at the 2017 Housing summit.

Outcomes and Outputs: To Be Determined.

Project will conclude with a final report to:

  • Gather data to assist in recommending that supported housing consultation and planning become a DDA waiver service and present findings at the 2017 Housing Summit.
  • Summarize the advantages and challenges consultant experienced and the final number of individuals assisted into housing.
  • Develop a legislative recommendation to fund a Supported Housing Aid Assistance Fund to assist in rental funding from the time a person with I/DD becomes a renter until he/she receives Section 8 renter assistance.
  • Prepare other policy recommendations moving forward with housing consultation including legislative recommendations and other policy recommendations at the state and local level.


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