About us

Developmental Disabilities Council members are appointed by the Governor to plan comprehensive services for the State of Washington’s citizens with developmental disabilities.

At least 60% of the 27-member Council must consist of persons with developmental disabilities, their parents, guardians, or family members. The balance consists of representatives from local service- providing agencies and ex-officio members from state government agencies. Members serve a three year term. Persons who are interested in being a council member are encouraged to submit an application. Click here to learn more about becoming a member of the Council.

Mission Statement

The Washington Developmental Disabilities Council’s mission is to advocate, promote and implement policies and practices to create pathways to meaningful, integrated and productive lives for people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities over the life course.

What We Do

In keeping with the council’s mission statement, the Council:

  • Works to develop public policy recommendations which promote the values of self-determination, independence, inclusion, integration, and productivity for people with¬†developmental disabilities.
  • Develops and implements a five year State Plan which contains goals and objectives to meet identified gaps in services for persons with developmental disabilities.
  • Builds coalitions with constituent groups within the developmental disability community to promote more effective public advocacy.
  • Tests new services and supports ideas by funding demonstration projects.
  • Advocates for the needs of persons with developmental disabilities.
  • Reports progress toward its Five Year Plan goals in its annual report.
  • Hosts and participates in events which foster better service provision for those with developmental disabilities.
  • Advises the Governor and members of the state Legislature regarding issues of concern for those with developmental disabilities.
  • Negotiates with state agencies.
  • Build bridges between public and private sectors to provide better services.

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Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council (PowerPoint Slideshow)



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