Council Members

I. Council Members

  • Julia Bell, Council Chair
    County: Pierce
  • Shamra Baez
    County: Walla Walla
  • Kelly Hill
    County: King
  • Thanh Kirkpatrick
    County: King
  • Anthony Nash
    County: Benton and Franklin
  • Mike Raymond
    County: Pierce
  • Ronnie San Nicolas
    County: Thurston
  • Pat Shivers
    County: Pierce
  • Donna Tiffan
    County: Klickitat
  • Daniel Holmes
    County: Stevens
  • Cami Nelson
    County: Spokane
  • Andrea Belcourt
    County: Spokane

II. Principal State Agencies

  • (1) Developmental Disabilities Administration
    Agency Administrator: Evelyn Perez
    Agency Designee: Shannon Manion
    Appointed: Ex-Officio
  • (2) Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
    Agency Administrator: Rob Hines
    Agency Designee: Katie Mirkovich
    Appointed: Ex-Officio
  • (3) Health Care Authority
    Agency Administrator: Dorothy Frost Teeter
    Agency Designee: Paige Lewis
    Appointed: Ex-Officio
  • (4) Aging and Long-Term Support Administration
    Agency Administrator: Bill Moss
    Agency Designee: Tavares Terry
    Appointed: Ex-Officio
  • (5) Department of Health
    Agency Administrator: John Wiesman
    Agency Designee: Rose Quinby
    Appointed: Ex-Officio
  • (6) Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
    Agency Administrator: Chris Reykdal
    Agency Designee: Alexandra Toney
    Appointment: Ex-Officio
  • (7) University of Washington/Center on Human Development and Disability
    Agency Administrator: Mike Guralnick
    Agency Designee: Sherrie Brown
    Appointed: Ex-Officio
  • (8) Disability Rights Washington
    Agency Administrator: Mark Stroh
    Agency Designees: David Carlson
    Appointed: Ex-Officio

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